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One writer put it quite succinctly when he said, "Emotional empaths don't actually possess something special, something unique, on the contrary, they are the few normal, mentally healthy people left on the planet." One might say that people who don't identify as empaths are merely so outwardly focused that they have almost no inner emotional, or energetic, awareness at all. This is quite sad.

Clairsentience is often associated with the second chakra, and seen as a second chakra ability. Unfortunately, many empaths are stuck in the second and fourth (heart) chakras and are out of control healers as well. The ability to be neutral in the sixth chakra is not something most people can do, because in order to be in that space, in an effective fashion, one has to have clairvoyant tools, and be using them constantly.

But that is one thing that can really help empaths.

Why is being neutral in your own head even important? Because, from that space you can actually see the underlying image behind the emotion/energy, and then destroy it, to move it out of your space. It's called destroying a picture.

Now this is going to sound harsh, but here's the thing: if you're an empath, and you aren't working energy pretty regularly, you're probably totally screwed. Most people are content to get a few basic tools, and books, and meander forward in some kind of positive fashion; I've seen many people do that. And that's okay if that's where you're at. Everyone has to start somewhere. And there are a few basic tools, like grounding, and opening your feet chakras, that can change your life pretty substantially.

But the truth is, if you're an empath, what's really going to help you is doing a one, or two, year clairvoyant training program at one of the many different psychic institutes out there. Basically, devoting yourself to a minimum of one year of meditation with a group of highly skilled energy workers who can help you out.

I was involved with several different institutes for 5 years and all I can say is that if I didn't have the variety of tools and information that I do now, I would be totally screwed; in fact, looking back on how life was when I didn't have the clairvoyant tools can be summed up in two words: it sucked. Big time. Things people struggle with for years can be dealt with in hours, or at most, days, when you have clairvoyant tools.

When you don't have any tools as an empath you end up feeling assaulted just going to the grocery store! And, half the time, being in the body feels totally unpleasant because there is so much other energetic junk occupying the space.

Boundaries and protection oftentimes don't work and people wonder why. You only experience a foreign energy in your space when there is either a matching picture or an agreement that it comes in on. So you have to work through your sub-conscious pictures in order to stop experiencing that emotion or energy.

The real issue is that people can't even identify the pictures they are stuck in, let alone release them. So they create even more karma for themselves.

You have to be able to end karma, ground yourself, run energy, blow pictures, destroy energy, move your attention point, clear your anchor points, heal your nervous system, know how to get rid of beings/spirits in your space, work with your akashic record keeper, know how to identify all kinds of different control energies, and games, separate from your parent's energies, work your genetic lineage energies, end past life agreements, identify transmedium energy, and many other things if you want to actually get rid of all the foreign crap in your head and body. The ability to destroy pictures is probably the most important skill as an empath.

The training is one of the most intense things you can do for yourself in the long term; you work through thousands of layers of energy and unconscious images.

But all that stuff takes time to learn and time to master in the body as a spirit.

In my experience, being an empath with no tools was fun in some ways, because, like a wild rollercoaster ride, I could experience all kinds of different energies, but also problematic since I could not separate from those energies or do anything productive with them. And in many ways, being an empath was not fun at all; the excess energetic junk from other people in addition to my own stuff meant having a plate that was always full. And I couldn't tell the difference between being out of body, being lit up by my sub-conscious pictures, or even which emotions were mine!

It was hard to enjoy life like that.

It's pretty amazing to me that most people won't think twice about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars they don't have, and going into debt for the rest of their lives, on college educations that, in today's world, arguably, might not really help them compared to their own ingenuity and drive to succeed. But the thought of spending even a tiny fraction of that on spiritual development is often considered insane!

The only reason I am writing this is because of the number of empaths out there who I've seen suffering who really don't seem to know where to go or what to do. Most people on the planet seem to be content with making small changes in their lives, and to follow karmic scripts, and that is okay. But if you are reading this you have the opportunity to make huge changes across many lifetimes.

So I say this pretty bluntly: find a psychic institute, of the BPI tradition, near you, or even online, and make a long-term commitment to yourself; you deserve it. Your mind will be blown by how much change you can create for yourself and by how wildly diverse the psychic world actually is.

Having a community of people, you can go to for help and healing is really awesome too. Especially people who can validate and understand exactly what you are experiencing from instance to instance across all kinds of situations. People who can help you bust unconscious healing games, and programming, so that you can stop being an energetic sponge, who feels drained all the time, and start using your healing energy for yourself.

Once you do have the tools, it is kind of like opening Pandora's box; all the past life energy you need to work will come up, all the beings in your space who want to control you will try to stop you from progressing. You have to end your karma with them, or evolve them, etc. You will have to deprogram all the unconscious demand energy, and foreign control energy, in your space if you want to move forward. The psychic institutes teach how to get rid of all the foreign energy and then actually own your inner space.

I know this article might seem a bit like an advertisement for those institutes, but do you really have time to screw around figuring all this stuff out for the rest of your life on your own? You don't have to do that; you can get it done in a year or two.

Then there are all the people who want the tools, information, and experience, but for some reason don't think an institutional setting is for them (it sounds so stuffy doesn't it?!). It is true that you can learn quite a lot from books and audio meditations. But it depends how deep you go down the rabbit hole, so to speak.

Enthusiasm for spiritual information can be an incredibly dangerous thing, especially if one is highly capable, but not yet ready to own that information in the body. Invariably, I've seen how these people go a little too deep on their own and end up blowing their lives up.

They encounter something they can't handle on their own. Or they misuse their tools, sometimes accidentally. That is because they don't have a support network of people who can help, teach, and guide them to make sure they are using their tools safely.

Most authors out there will tell you to dive into your spirituality with wild abandon, because the universe is all just love. And that's fine if you're exploring the heart chakra. But caution applies when you start exploring your clairvoyance. Very few people will tell you the truth – that not everything "spiritual," even your own information, is roses and daisies. Like in any other context of life, you can destroy yourself if you are capricious and reckless. That, and there is some really crazy stuff out there, to say the least.

So training with people who know what they are doing creates a grounded space for that experience that is, ideally, separate from your personal life. The institutes also create karma-free spaces to learn in.

The way that people in these schools are taught to create is neutrally, and from the sixth chakra. What that actually means is that their level of marketing is pretty low key. In other words, it is understood that it is your responsibility to search them out, not the other way around. If you can find one of these BPI style schools (there are tons of them, but you have to hunt around yourself), and have the karma to be able to walk through the door, then you can be in the space. Part of the tradition these schools come from has an underlying attitude that says "no one is going to hold your hand;" you're there to work energy and get down to business!

Of course you can do it the easy way and take action to get this training, these tools, and the clairvoyant information and move yourself out of an empathic space and into a psychic space. Or you can be stubborn about it, like I was, and wait years until you are in so much pain that you have no other choice. That isn't exactly the most fun way to do it! Either way it's up to you.
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